What to Wear:

  • If you are planning on displaying your portraits on the wall, keep the colors of that room in mind when selecting your outfits.
  • Coordinate, don’t copy. Pick 2 or 3 colors that are flattering for everyone, and work into each outfit in varying degrees. Some great color combinations are: 1.red-grey-silver-khaki-denim 2.blue-white-khaki-yellow 3.brown-tan-red-denim 4.blue-purple-beige-white.
  • Add texture. Use texture in unexpected ways (such as a tulle skirt or ruffles).
  • Nice shoes or barefoot. Heels are always flattering for women. Keep footwear age appropriate.
  • Flatter your figure.
  • Classic but current. Do not use extremely date-able trends.
  • Avoid makeup mistakes. Try to avoid foundation with sunscreen for studio sessions. Makeup should be boulder than everyday look. Use color and definition on the eyes, cheeks and lips. The use of deep or bold colors should be flattering. Avoid very dark, smoky eyes. Use powder to eliminate shine.
  • Groom the guys.
  • Accessorize artfully- pick a couple gorgeous pieces and limit it to that.
  • Think of a theme. Snow whites: layered clothing in shades of whites with fur accents, fall: tweed, corduroys and leather, vintage: soft mauves, grays and blues, Neutral: neutral colored outfits.
  • Keep hair natural- avoid anything drastic before a session unless it is a regular occurrence.
Tips for Flattering a Woman's Shape:
  • If a woman carries her shape in her hips, a beautiful short necklace or a top with details at the shoulder will draw the eye upward. A-line skirts (fitted at the hips and gradually widens), empire waist dresses, horizontal necklines and straight-leg pants are all flattering for this body type. Keep pockets and other details around the hips minimal.
  • If her body is proportional (hips and shoulders are about the same) and the waist is defined, she will be more flattered by vertical lines, such as v-neckline or a long necklace. Wrap dresses, belting at the natural waist and boot-cut pants are flattering.
  • If the shoulders and hips are proportional but the waist is not defined, add interest at the hips and shoulders with collars, embellishments or color.  Ruching at the waist (wrapping at the waist) helps define the waistline. The best pants for this type are graduated flare.
  • All body types look gorgeous in wrap tops, a-line skirts, and jackets cinched at the waist.
For Newborn Sessions:
  • Family should keep clothes solid and simple.
  • I like neutrals best for newborn sessions to keep attention on the new baby and family! Keep your wall colors at home in mind also.
  • Remember the studio will be very warm, you may want to dress in layers or bring spare clothes.