What to expect:

During the session I like to do a blend of lifestyle (candid) photography with some traditional posing. If you have a preference to one style or the other I will create images with that in mind.

I will usually start off with family poses to help your little ones become more comfortable in front of the camera. Have fun with your family! This is a special time in your lives and I want to create images that show those precious bonds that exist within your unique family. Your family is like no other! This is also another time to let me know if you have any specific requests that we may not have discussed yet.

After this I will start focusing more on your child/children. This is your time to sit back and relax while I am having some one on one time with your little ones. I find that this method works better for most situations. I may ask for you to interact more if I feel they are not comfortable with me yet.

We may take short breaks during the session, so it is a good idea to bring a few snacks and beverages along (treats can also be used as bribery if need be). I find that giving the little ones a break can help them last through the session.

Most of all have fun!

What to expect with children:

It is perfectly normal for kids to act up during a session and do things like cry, or hide, or avoid looking at the camera. This is perfectly fine! Kids will be kids and I do not expect them to be perfect angels all the time. So do not feel stressed if this happens, and try not to raise your voice or discipline. We roll with the punches.

Please do not tell them what to do or where to look unless I direct you to. Having to many people giving them instructions can confuse them. Also avoid calling out your child if they are doing a forced smile, I have ways of trying to get the real smiles without them knowing or feeling self conscious. Sometimes just standing behind me with a smile on your face or taking a few steps back can make all the difference.

Bringing snacks and drinks for the kiddos can also help. I will usually bring something like goldfish and water, but if there is something special you know is a good treat for your child please feel free to bring it along. Also it is a good idea to apply bug repellant ahead of time.