Here are some tips for achieving that healthy glow on camera.

Foundation: Apply only what you need and blend it well. Be sure you are using it to even out skin and not to completely cover it up. For portraits you want something without SPF and not super shiny. Also be sure to moisturize before applying your foundation.

Lips and eyes: You want your eye and lips to be defined. Curl your lashes and use mascara with a little eye liner. Smudging the liner with a brush or q-tip can soften the look. For lips use a lipstick or tinted balm that is one to two shades darker than your natural lip color.

Cheeks: Using a pretty pinkish-peach blush on the cheeks and a little highlighter on the tops of the cheek bones will help with catching the light and giving that heathy glow. Be sure to choose a highlighter that has a soft shimmer instead of lots of glitter and use a small amount.

More tips: Apply makeup in thin layers, blend it and add more only if needed. Take a photo with your phone to see if it is showing up how you want. Don't over contour or try a new trend, you want your photos to look like you. Don't use to much shimmer or sparkle.