Pre-consultation: A Custom Portrait Session will start out with a pre-consultation where we will get to know each other, and together we will plan your session details. I will want to learn about you and your family, your style, your portrait needs and anything else. Along with our chat you will receive information to help answer most of your questions and help you along. With a Mini Session Event there will be a landing page and other emails with information on what to expect. In the meantime, I have outlined a few frequently asked questions below.

Q: What is the best time of day to do portraits?
A: To use the best light possible I prefer to do portraits outdoors during the early morning or late evening. Of course we also want to take into consideration the best time of day for your child/children as well, and can certainly schedule around that. Indoor portraits can be done throughout the day.

Q: What is a good location for outdoor portraits?                                                                                                                                                                                        A: Typically any park or outdoor space (without playgrounds) are a good option. Prairie or areas with trees and other foliage are good. I typically want to avoid any space with direct overhead light, especially during midday. If there is a location special to your family that is something we can consider as well.

Q: If we do an in person pre-consultation or order consultation can my children be present?
A: Of course I always welcome children! However, if you want to relax and focus, then you may want to arrange for childcare or we can plan it for a time when they will not be around. Another option would be to do the consultations somewhere other than your home (e.g. my studio or a coffee shop).

Q: What if I am just looking to update a few photos of my child?
A: Then I would consider you book a Mini Session Event. It is a much smaller version of my higher end sessions but still includes the great customer service and high quality images.

Q: When will I receive my prints?
A: Typically you will see your prints arrive 2-3 weeks after the session. If we are doing an order consultation it will be about 1-2 weeks after that.

Why get prints and not just digitals?
Digitals are corruptible, prints are archival.
Digitals may never get printed.
Digitals printed somewhere other than my recommended vendor may have poor quality.
The value of a print increases while a digital file loses value.

High quality portraits can be passed down and treasured for years to come.

Locations to consider:

  • Parks or Nature Centers
  • Gardens
  • Historic downtown areas
  • Ice cream shops
  • Beaches
  • Urban
  • Rustic cabins/buildings