Melinda Worm Photography: Blog en-us (C) Melinda Worm Photography [email protected] (Melinda Worm Photography) Sun, 25 Feb 2024 21:59:00 GMT Sun, 25 Feb 2024 21:59:00 GMT Melinda Worm Photography: Blog 80 120 Cold Weather Camera Tips With winter knocking on our doorstep I thought I would re-post this article from a few years back. Perhaps you will have your camera with to document your family winter fun, or maybe you just want to capture the gorgeous scenery. Either way, here are some tips to keep you and your gear functioning.

Dress in layers. The warmer you are the more you will enjoy your outing. I like to wear small thin gloves under my mittens so when I do start taking pictures I can easily use the buttons on my camera without my fingers freezing. Mittens with the removable fingertips would work well too. This is also beneficial when you are out with your family enjoying the winter weather.

Batteries drain quickly in cold temps so keep a spare or two in an inside pocket close to your body. Also keep your camera in a pocket or camera bag between shots to keep it from getting too cold (do not put it inside your coat close to your body as this can create condensation on your camera and fog up the lens). Transfer your camera and lenses to a sealable plastic bag BEFORE going indoors and leave it like that for several hours until it has reached room temperature. This will keep any condensation from occurring inside your camera, which could cause mechanical failures.

Your camera will want to underexpose the bright white scene and make the snow look blue instead. Try shooting in a setting other than manual (ie. shutter priority) and use exposure compensation (+/- symbol) to overexpose up to 2 stops. If you are shooting in manual just increase your exposure by changing the shutter speed or ISO. Your owners manual can help you with how to do this with your camera model. 

Hope this helps!  

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What is your preference? I am wondering what people use most for taking pictures. Do you use your smartphone or camera for a majority of your photography? Please comment below. If you use a camera you can also tell me what kind (point and shoot or dslr). Thank you so much!

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Benefits to each type of session I have now started offering two types of sessions for Families and Children. I have my Fine Art Sessions and Mini Sessions. Not sure which to choose? Here is a breakdown of the benefits to each.

Fine Art: 

More custom and personalized to give you a unique experience

Fine art products to decorate your home

Entire product line available

Involves more time and planning (I help with the entire process to make it as easy as possible with both in person pre-consult and order consult)



Mini Session:

Great for updating family photos or holiday cards, etc.

Smaller packages and limited products available for easy ordering

Involves less time and planning (pre-consult done via phone/email and ordering products via online image gallery)

I hope this helps!


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Hipstamatic App Hipstamatic is a fun camera app to experiment with! You can use the lens and film selection that comes with the app or purchase new ones. The camera can be used in classic mode or pro camera mode. In classic mode you can change your shutter speed manually or create multiple exposure images. Pro mode has shutter speed, ISO, exposure compensation, zoom, focus and white balance. You can also edit your images within the app. The most fun is trying the different lens and film options. This image of a Hibiscus was done with the pinhole lens option.

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Keeping Kids Busy - August Already we are closing in on the end of summer! While I am sad that all the summer activities will be ending soon, I am looking forward to getting back into a regular routine. Here are a few more ideas to keep the kiddos busy through this last stretch.

Wargo Nature Center - Introduction to Dragonflies Aug 11 2-3pm, learn dragonfly identification and search the peninsula's wetlands, prairies and flower gardens for these creatures. Binoculars and nets are provided. Pre-registration required $5 per person.

Aquatore Park in Blaine

  • Aug 3 - Tricia and the Toonies (musical puppets) 10:30am
  • Aug 9 - The Backyard Band 6pm
  • Aug 10 - Bob the Beachcomber (children's concert) 10:30am
  • Aug 17 - Kids Dance Party 10:30am

Aug 1 - Jam Hops Dance Show at Blaine Town Square 6:30pm

Aug 17 - Movie in the Park "Wonder" at Lino Park starts at dusk

Aug 22 - Minnesota Blue (bluegrass concert) Blaine Town Square 6:30pm

Every Thursday through mid-August - Bald Eagle Waterski Show on Centerville Lake 7pm. Bring lawn chair or blanket

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Formulas App One of my favorite apps for adding textures to my iPhone photos is Formulas. It is very easy to use and has a nice variety of textures that can be used for nature, still life and portraits. The key is to lower the opacity of the texture you use to keep it subtle. You can do this simply by adjusting the slider below the texture you chose. In most cases I end up going below 50%. 

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Sharper iPhone Photos Do you ever get frustrated when you look at your iPhone/smartphone photos and your main subject is slightly blurry. Here are a few tips to help you get sharper images.

Set your focus point by tapping on the screen where your main subject is, you will see a yellow box appear to show your focus point (it may be a different color for a smartphone). You can even lock focus by tapping and holding on the screen where your subject is, AE/AF Lock will appear on your screen along with the yellow box. To see more about this and exposure see my post on Better iPhone Photos

Use a tripod or other object to stabilize your phone. There are many small tripod options available for smartphones. You can also prop it against a tree, rail, ground or anything else nearby. Sometimes I have just sat on the ground with my knees up and propped it on my knees or feet. Whatever you can find that is stable will work. 

Use adequate light when possible. The dimmer the light on your subject the slower your shutter speed will be which will result in a blurry image. 

Hope this helps and have fun shooting!

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Keeping kids busy - July More summer activity ideas.

Rock Art:

Make a Paper Boat:

Seed Bombs and Slingshots:

Wargo Nature Center: Wargo Butterly Walk July 26 2-3pm, take a stroll through prairies and flower gardens, spy butterflies and other pollinators through binoculars. Pre-registration required, $5 per person.

Aquatore Park in Blaine:

  • July13 - The Alphabits (Children's concert) 10:30am
  • July 17 - Family Fun Night (games, face-painting, food, music) 6pm
  • July 20 - Wendy's Wiggle, Jiggle & Jam (children's concert) 10:30am
  • July 27 - The Bazillions (children's concert) 10:30am

July 26 - Family Corn Roast at Sunrise Park 5:30-8pm

Every Thursday evening Bald Eagle Waterski Show on Centerville Lake 7pm. Bring lawn chairs or blanket 

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Better iPhone Photos Here are a couple tips on taking better iPhone photos using the native camera app. These tips will help ensure you have correct exposure and a sharp subject.

Set focus: While the camera app does a pretty good job guessing on what you want to be in focus, it is not always correct. Simply tap on the screen where you want focus to be and the yellow square will show you your focus point.

Set exposure: Same with exposure you may need to set it manually by tapping on the screen where your main subject is that you want correctly exposed, then swipe up or down to brighten or darken the image to your liking.

Lock exposure/focus: You can also lock your focus and exposure so that if something is moving within the scene the focus or exposure doesn't keep changing before you have a chance to take your image. To do this tap and hold on your phone screen and the yellow box will show up along with AE/AF Lock (see image below of orchids). It will remain locked until you tap on another part of the screen.

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Help Your Child Take Better Photos Do you have a child who is showing an interest in photography, or maybe you yourself. Whether they are using a camera or smartphone here are a couple of simple tips to get them started in the direction of taking better photos. 

  • Remind them to hold the camera straight when it is required
  • Pay attention to backgrounds for distractions. Move around to change the background when needed.
  • Shoot from different perspectives: up high, down low, wide angle, close-up, etc.
  • The focal point should be something of interest. What was it about the scene that first caught their attention?
  • The subject does not always need to be in the center, in fact often it is more visually appealing if it is off center. For older kids consider having them look into the "rule of thirds".
  • Most cameras and also some smartphone apps have different shooting modes such as macro for closeup, sports for action shots, portrait which would blur the background, and landscape when you want everything in focus.
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Keeping kids busy - June Here are some ideas and activities I have come across to help keep your kiddos busy early this summer.

Backyard photography or photo scavenger hunt: encourage something creative by giving your kids the camera or smartphone and send them outside with assignments or a scavenger hunt. You could even do this inside if it is a rainy day. Some easy tips for children when photographing: get low (which they typically are already), get close and try different perspectives. Tell them to get creative!

Hula hoop science project:

Wargo Nature Center: Howl With The Wolves - June 23 1-3:30pm. Learn about wolves and play games. Pre-registration required $5 per person.

June 2 - Kite Day at Rice Lake Elementary 10:30-11:30, includes free kites

June 7 - Centennial Community Band at Golden Lake Park 7-8:30pm

June 20 - Teddy Bear Band at Blaine Town Square 6:30pm

June 21 - Musical Puppets at Golden Lake Park 1:30-2:30pm

June 28 - Rockin in the Park, concert with arts & crafts and bounce house at Sunrise Park 6-8pm

June 27 - Night Light Creatures at Centennial Library 2pm, pre-registration required

Every Thursday starting mid June Bald Eagle Waterski Show on Centerville Lake 7pm. Bring lawn chairs or blankets

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Summer Schedule My availability in the summer months is more limited, so my sessions fill up pretty fast. If you are looking to do a session between June and August, I encourage you to contact me well in advance. I do take on more sessions during the months of September through May, however September and October are by far my busiest, so keep that in mind as well if you want a session during that time.

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Repost about summer snapshots In case you missed it, I thought I would repost these tips about taking better snapshots of your family during those bright summer days.

I got to thinking about how I rarely pull out my camera during the harsh midday sun to photograph my family. I am more likely to just take a quick snaphot with my iphone considering the squinty eyes and harsh shadows. However, often times the most family fun can happen during this time. What if I could change my outlook by learning to embrace the sun with camera in hand instead of cringing from it. The following are some tips that I have learned along the way that may help you with your summer candids.

1). Capture activities instead of close up portraits. Try stepping back and including the environment. Look for vibrant colors or interesting surroundings that will compliment your subjects.

2). Use open shade. Look for foliage, overhangs, tunnels, decks, cliffs or beach umbrellas. Just be watchful of dappled light falling on your subjects. No shade around for miles? Try shooting with your subjects facing away from the sun to avoid harsh shadows or raccoon eyes. Hats and sunglasses can also help with this (and look adorable as well!).

3). Keep a look out for natural reflectors such as sand or patios to bounce light onto your subjects face.

4). Move around your subjects until you get the light falling on them in a pleasing way. Sometimes just changing your position can make all the difference!

5). Get in close and focus on the details instead of the face. Things like sandy toes, hands holding a flower or pushing a truck are great ways to add to the story.

6). Include interesting shadows. Lines, patterns and shapes can be used to create an interesting composition and lead the viewer to your subjects.

7). Contrasting highlights and shadows can be great for black and white images. Most cameras (and phones) allow you to shoot in black and white so that you immediately see the results. This will help you learn to see in black and white before you even press the shutter!

So don't keep your camera tucked away during those bright summer days!

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Things to do in May My family loves spending time in the outdoors, so since I am always on the lookout for things going on I thought I would do a monthly post for any moms who need ideas. 

William O'Brien State Park: 

Beneath the surface of Lake Alice- May 19th & May 27th 2:00-3:00

Under the Almost Full Moon- May 27th 6:30-8:00


Kite Day: June 2nd 10:30-11:30 at Rice Lake Elementary




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Favorite Iphone/smartphone photography apps As much as I love my dslr or mirrorless cameras, the one camera I always have with me is my iPhone. Nowadays with the newer model iPhones and smartphones you can even print bigger, higher quality images than you could before. There is also the fun of sharing images on Instagram and other social media. Here are my latest favorite iPhone/smartphone apps for processing images:

Snapseed - for basic editing

Formulas - for textures 

Brushstroke - for turning your images into paintings

Rollworld - a fun app for tiny planet photos or distorting images (another good one I have heard about it Tiny Planets)

Mextures - for textures


A couple fun ones to use instead of using your native camera:

Hipstamatic - has lots of fun effects

Slow shutter - great for blurring subjects


I will follow up with more information on how I use each of these apps in later posts.

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Valentine gift ideas Looking for a personal gift idea for your loved ones? Here are some ideas from a couple of my favorite vendors.

  • Accordian mini album: you could even leave a blank page or two and have the kiddos or yourself hand write a message or picture
  • Keychain
  • Luggage Tag
  • Keepsake Box
  • Photo Magnets

  • Photohearts
  • Heart Collageboard
  • Heart Magnets
  • Heart Coasters

Here are the links to these products and more

Photobarn is offering 60% off heart shaped products!


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Which option is right for you? This year I will be offering 2 types of sessions. So how do you know which is right for your needs? Below is a breakdown of the main differences.

Custom family or child/children session:

  • session created around your family's or child's hobbies or personalities. Could have a specific theme or story.
  • includes pre-consultation and order consultation where together we will plan the best location, wardrobe, props, wall art, albums and to help with any questions you may have.
  • includes many various poses and family breakdowns, wardrobe changes and background/location changes. Final images may have a more artful approach.

Mini family or child/children sessions:

  • session with simple basic poses.
  • pre-consultation done by phone or email and ordering done via online gallery.
  • limited session dates and locations pre-selected by the photographer.
  • includes smaller amount of poses and few family breakdowns. One outfit and background/location.
  • smaller amount of final images offered which is best for gift prints, holiday cards and maybe updating a wall portrait.

Hopefully this helps, however please contact me for more details or any questions you may have.

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New Year I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Most of all I hope 2018 is a fabulous year for you and your family! 

Life was very busy for a while and my blog posts suffered for it. But hopefully now I will be back to blogging more regularly again. Just like most people at the start of a new year I look back and decide what was working, what is not and where I can make changes for the better. I have made some small changes to the types of sessions I offer so that clients have better options to fit their needs. More information on that to come in a future post.

With my nature photography, I have recently made the realization that I am more of a fine art photographer than a documentary photographer. Instead of capturing exactly what is in front of me I like making choices in camera to help convey the mood or highlight the subject in a certain way, and further it in post processing. This is something I apply to my flower photography, which became a huge passion of mine over this past summer. To see some of my new work visit

I am always learning new things and looking for ways to challenge myself. I will be interested to see what 2018 brings!

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Park of the month is moving Hello all. Just an FYI that my park of the month posts will be moving to my nature website at I will also try to post a link back to those blog posts on this website as well. 

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Park of the Month In June we camped at Forestville Mystery Cave State Park down near Rochester. We absolutely loved it! So much to do and see. Some of the park highlights are spring wildflowers, horseback riding trails, hiking trails, historic Forestville tours and Mystery cave tours. Also one thing to note was a lack of mosquitos (however biting nats can be an issue). The kids loved the Mystery cave tour, and they also really enjoyed the historic Forestville tour. The photo below is of a pool inside the cave.

[email protected] (Melinda Worm Photography) Mon, 24 Jul 2017 05:15:00 GMT
Fun Flowers I am having a lot of fun these days photographing flowers. They are one of my favorite subjects to photograph. Here is an image I took when I went on a bike ride the other day. I liked how the late evening sun was spotlighting this daisy. I will add tips for photographing these beautiful subjects in the future for those of you that may be interested.

[email protected] (Melinda Worm Photography) Mon, 17 Jul 2017 05:30:00 GMT
Park of the month This month I am highlighting Willow River State Park in Hudson WI. It is a perfect destination for a day trip or short camping weekend with it being so close by. Some of the activities that we enjoyed are the short hike to the beautiful waterfalls, the nature center, and nearby trails including a trail that leads out to where the lake used to be. Currently the lake has been emptied due to the dam being removed so fishing is limited to the river, however they do plan on rebuilding it by 2020.

[email protected] (Melinda Worm Photography) Mon, 26 Jun 2017 05:15:00 GMT
Free-lensing tips Want to try something more creative with your images. Create images with a beautiful blur effect by free-lensing.


1). Set the lens to manual focus and set apeture to lowest setting. Meter and adjust shutter speed or ISO accordingly for correct exposure all the while considering that more light will be entering with the lens detached.

2). Detach lens but keep it close to the camera body. Tilt the lens up and down or left and right to see how the plane of focus changes. The farther the lens is from the camera the less will be in focus, which is something you can experiment with as you become more comfortable.

3). Best focal length to start with is 50mm. The lighter the lens the better since you will be holding the camera with one hand (unless using a tripod) and the lens with the other while trying to focus manually.

4). Use live view on a DSLR or the LCD on a mirrorless camera to help achieve focus where you want it.

5). You will be exposing the inside of the camera body as well as your lens to the elements so be careful of things such as dust or moisture. You may need to carefully clean your gear afterward.

Have fun experimenting!

[email protected] (Melinda Worm Photography) Mon, 19 Jun 2017 20:15:00 GMT
Free-lensing I love to try new photography techniques. Something I came across recently was free-lensing and I was immediately interested. I have really enjoyed practicing this new skill. Basically it gives your images a very soft look with selective focus. Below is an image I took recently. I just love how dreamy it is! In a future post I will be explaining this fun technique in more depth with step by step instructions in case you want to give it a try.


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Looking ahead. As a photographer I am always growing and changing. Two new types of sessions that I am working on possibly having available to my clients in the future are "Storybook Sessions" and "Tween Sessions". What is the difference between these sessions and what I currently offer you may ask? Well the storybook sessions would be a themed or stylized session for a child or children. It would be more in depth then a typical milestone session. There may be specific props or wardrobe, specific time of day, or a special location involved to help achieve a certain look.

The tween session would basically look like a cross between a senior session and a milestone session. I feel that this age is often skipped over but it shouldn't be. That step between being a child and entering the teenage years is just as important and should not go overlooked!

I am still working out the details for these, but I am very excited!

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Park of the month Last month my husband and I took a little trip up to Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge for a day date (versus date night). There is a wildlife drive and 2 hiking trails, both with lots of wildlife viewing opportunities. It is a great place to take a day trip, otherwise for a longer experience there is a campground available at the nearby Sand Dunes State Forest. For more information check out this link:

Have a great Memorial Weekend!


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How to embrace midday summer light. I got to thinking about how I rarely pull out my camera during the harsh midday sun to photography my family. I am more likely to just take a quick snaphot with my iphone considering the squinty eyes and harsh shadows. However, often times the most family fun can happen during this time. What if I could change my outlook by learning to embrace the sun with camera in hand instead of cringing from it. The following are some tips that I have learned along the way that may help you with your summer candids.

1). Capture activities instead of close up portraits. Try stepping back and including the environment. Look for vibrant colors or interesting surroundings that will compliment your subjects.

2). Use open shade. Look for foliage, overhangs, tunnels, decks, cliffs or beach umbrellas. Just be watchful of dappled light falling on your subjects. No shade around for miles? Try shooting with your subjects facing away from the sun to avoid harsh shadows or raccoon eyes. Hats and sunglasses can also help with this (and look adorable as well!).

3). Keep a look out for natural reflectors such as sand or patios to bounce light onto your subjects face.

4). Move around your subjects until you get the light falling on them in a pleasing way. Sometimes just changing your position can make all the difference!

5). Get in close and focus on the details instead of the face. Things like sandy toes, hands holding a flower or pushing a truck are great ways to add to the story.

6). Include interesting shadows. Lines, patterns and shapes can be used to create an interesting composition and lead the viewer to your subjects.

7). Contrasting highlights and shadows can be great for black and white images. Most cameras (and phones) allow you to shoot in black and white so that you immediately see the results. This will help you learn to see in black and white before you even press the shutter!

So don't keep your camera tucked away during those bright summer days!

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Children in nature. I have been thinking about how on earth to keep my kids busy during the summer and I came across this "things to do in nature" article that I had tucked away years ago. I thought some of you parents may be thinking the same as me so I am going to share this list with you. Hopefully it helps you keep the kiddos busy outside for the summer.

climb a tree

pick berries

smell flowers

catch bugs

build a fort

hide and seek outside

outdoor scavenger hunt

build a birdhouse

collect rocks (just not at a county, state or federal park as that is illegal)

roll down a hill

gaze at the clouds

find a secret hideaway

follow/look for animal tracks

balance on a log

star gaze

make a willow whistle

splash in puddles

catch tadpoles (and release unharmed of course!)

make mud pies

read books outside 

have a picnic

listen and identify frogs 


Most of us did a lot of these as a child because our generation spent every moment outside! Put a copy of this somewhere in your house or your phone to keep it handy through the summer.


There are also so many beautiful parks, nature centers, beaches, rivers and trails to explore without traveling to far. I try to post once a month a park that we have visited and enjoyed.



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When I am not photographing. I thought I would just give you a little glimpse into what I typically work on when I am in the "office" versus when I am actively working with you on a session. Some weekly or monthly tasks may include: editing images, marketing, social media posts, continuing education, launching something new or some other form of managing my business. Some of these I enjoy working on more than others, but mostly I really enjoy being behind the camera!

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North Shore For the third year in a row we visited the North Shore for our spring break vacation. Not exactly a warm destination, but all of us really enjoy going up there no matter the time of year. Sadly this year there was very little snow and no ice on the shoreline (very rare), but we still had a blast as always. We usually stay at Grand Superior Lodge for our cold weather trips. We have tried several resorts, but have found this is really our favorite. Location is great because it is close to several of the awesome state parks. Even though there was a lack of snow and ice we still had the treat of watching the large waves crash on the rocky shoreline due to high winds. Both kids really loved seeing this. Below is a picture I took of Split Rock Lighthouse on that windy day. If you ever feel the need to venture up that way (which I highly recommend) and need any tips feel free to contact me!

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From then to now. Over the past few years my business has molded into something that I really love. Between lessons learned, continuing education and feedback from clients I have come a long way. Some changes would be specializing in babies and children, finding my style, learning the importance of printed artwork versus a digital file, helping my clients make more educated decisions about the session along with choosing their portrait products, and making the entire process flow more smoothly from beginning to end. My goal is to make the whole experience enjoyable for you and your family.

[email protected] (Melinda Worm Photography) Tue, 18 Apr 2017 01:45:00 GMT
Park of the Month This month I am going to talk about Myre-Big Island State Park, near Albert Lea. We camped there over MEA break this past fall and we loved this little park. Some of the park highlights are spring and fall migrations, bird watching, a glacial esker, canoeing and hiking. I highly recommend going in the spring or fall to see an abundance of migrating birds. 

We had fun exploring the trails and seeing all the different migrating birds, especially a group of white pelicans (one of Minnesota's largest birds) which is becoming a more common sight on Albert Lea Lake. I went back to the same spot (the great marsh) just after sunrise the next morning hoping they would return. I was lucky enough not only to see them again, but the group was larger this time. I captured this image with my Canon 7d and Sigma 150-500 mm lens from the far shoreline to avoid disturbing them while they had their breakfast. It was so peaceful, I really enjoyed observing these large birds.

Later that day we hiked by that area again hoping they would be there, and we got to see them take off and land on the water as a group, it was a cool sight. 

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Wall art Collections are such a great way to display your family photos. There are many different layouts you can use depending on the wall space you are trying to fill. You can pick and choose your favorites to showcase and remind yourself of how unique and awesome your family is. What a great way to decorate your home! Below is a sample of one of the many collections that I offer to help clients with choosing wall art for their home. I love that this collection is simple and yet shows the family together as well as the bonds between parent and child. Of course you could change things up and have a center portrait of the family with children on each side, or a center portrait of the children together and individuals on each side. So many options, which is why I am here to help!

[email protected] (Melinda Worm Photography) Thu, 23 Mar 2017 15:15:00 GMT
Questions you should ask Lately I have been thinking about getting a family session done in the next couple years now that my son Will is getting older and listens better (sometimes). I have thought about what questions I would ask the potential photographer to know if he/she would be a good fit for my families photography needs. I thought I would share these questions with you to help find the right photographer when you are looking. Many people do not know what to ask so they usually will fall back on the default question "how much do you charge for an 8x10" (or now days it may be "for a digital file"). I have come up with 3 questions that would be at the top of my list and the reason I would ask, they are as follows:

The photographer will probably ask you what kind of session you are looking for (ie. baby, family, etc), but if not it is something you want to bring up right away. A photographer who specializes in couples and weddings may not be a good fit for your 3 year old toddler.

1. "Do you offer pre-consultations and/or order consultations in-person?": I would ask this because I feel that with having little kids it helps for them to meet the photographer first (especially if they are shy). It is also nice to have someone help with planning the session details like what to wear or what location to go with. After the session it is helpful to have their help with picking out your portraits, since that can be very overwhelming. On the other hand some photographers will do this by email or phone and if you are strapped for time and feel you do not need to meet the photographer before hand or have that extra help planning, then that may be the way to go for you.

2. "Do you specialize in selling prints, wall art or albums?": Some version of this question is important to ask because there are quite a few photographers who will do the session and then just sell the digital files. I prefer to invest the extra money to have a tangible product to display in my home (without having to do the work myself). Again this would be based on what you prefer (I highly recommend getting some kind of printed product).

3. "Can you give me a ballpark of how much most clients spend?": Another very important question. If your budget is for $300 and most clients invest in $800-$1200 then this photographer is probably not a good fit for you. You don't want to invest all this time just to be frustrated in the end because you cannot afford the products that you were hoping to get. 

I hope this helps next time you are shopping to find the right photographer for you!

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My personal goals With the new year I am sure many of you, like myself, have some new (or repeating) personal goals. I just thought I would share mine with you, kind of a way of making myself accountable and trying to follow through.

1. Staying healthy/active: I am sure you can relate. Trying to find the time to workout so that you have enough energy to keep up with the family that keeps you so busy in the first place.

2. Setting aside time for my hobbies/myself: You can probably relate to this as well. As much as I love being a mother/wife, I feel like sometimes I get lost in the shuffle. I am still here under it all, all the busy days and lists of things to do. However by the time I get some alone time I am exausted and in a coma type state of mind.

3. More time to spend alone with my hubby: This can be another one that is easy to let slide. Most nights I am either ready for bed shortly after the kids or we sit in front of the t.v. for a little bit before giving in and going to sleep. Date night is not always easy to plan either. You have to find a Friday or Saturday that is open and work on lining up a sitter (and paying that sitter if necessary).

All of these I feel are so important to healthy living (mind and body). The hardest part is finding the time without sacrificing your fun family time as well. So I sat down with a notebook, pen and calendar to try to figure out how to fit it all in. It was very tricky and I had to shuffle some things around, or sacrifice in certain areas. I also went over it with my husband because it effects him too, and he has to be on board in order for it to work. I keep it on our calendar or dry erase board as a visual reminder. One tip I had learned from a course I took was that when you put something on your calendar, like soccer practice, make sure to include things like drive time and anything else extra so that you are not overbooking yourself. Anytime you are planning to add something to the schedule make sure you have the time for it, there is nothing worse than running around like crazy because you committed to more than you should have. That may mean saying no sometimes, which for me can be difficult.

Any special goals or resolutions you have for yourself? Feel free to share your experiences, tips or thoughts.


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nature photography As some of you know my hobby is nature photography. Even though I had to put it on hold for a couple years my passion for this has grown immensely. I have learned a lot and grown very much as an artist. So my nature photography website is getting a makeover. Some of the old pictures have been taken down and new ones are going up. Stop by and take a peek by clicking here

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New year, new look. I hope your holidays were filled with laughter and love! I can't believe it's the new year already. It's amazing how fast the time flies. You have probably noticed that Melinda Worm Photography has a new look. Over the past couple years I have learned that photographing babies and children is really what makes my heart sing, so I have changed the look of my logo and website to reflect those fleeting moments that come with watching your children grow and change. I feel it also reflects the simple, classic and sometimes whimsical style that I have developed over the past couple years. I will still be taking newborn and family sessions, however in limited quantities. I have a few new things in the works over here and will keep you posted on those. I am very excited with the direction that my business is heading. Thanks again to everyone for your business and years of support.

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Park of the month This month I thought I would feature a smaller local park. Lochness park in Blaine is a favorite of mine. I go there for exploring with my family, walking, portrait sessions and for nature photography. It has a couple smaller trails which are great for little ones. One trail goes around Lochness lake which also has a fishing pier. Another trail goes up a large hill which has some gorgeous views during sunrise and sunset. It also has a disc golf course if you are into that. Some of the wildlife we have come across while exploring were deer, otter, waterfowl and a seriously large frog. This park is a great place to get out in nature for just an hour so.

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Don't fall into this trap! (post #4) This will be my last post on this subject for the time being. I thought I would share with you my personal goals to keep my family’s history off the computer and in our hands.

Family yearbooks or scrapbooking: I know many of you who are scrap bookers and good for you! For those of you who are more like me and don't have that itch for scrapbooking then family yearbooks may be the way to go. You can go to just about any photo editing website (I prefer the reasonably priced, but high quality of mpix) and pick out a digital book and easily upload your photos and create a digital album. Some sites will even setup the album for you based on the photos you have selected. I started doing this a few years ago. A way to make it even easier on yourself is to download your photos monthly, sort through them if possible, and put them in a file labeled with month and year (you should be doing this anyway - see my blog post on the importance of backing up).

Copies of several photos from the yearbook printed in 4x6 prints for handing down to both kids: While I love the idea of the family yearbook, I recently realized that it would be hard to give copies to both my kids when that time comes. A couple solutions would be to have multiple yearbooks printed to hand down to each child, or for a less expensive method just print 4x6 copies of several of the images that are included in each yearbook to hand down. Or do both!

Printed copies of photos from your phone using an app such as mpix. You could also just download these snapshots to include in your family yearbook.

Large wall portraits or professional albums and other printed products to hand down (usually these are your professional portraits). Just be sure to store them safely so that they stay in good condition.


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Park of the month 2 OK, this park is a lot further drive than the previous mentioned, but we loved it so much I felt I needed to bring it to attention. Bear Head Lake State Park is a great park to spend a few days exploring. It is a great way to get a taste of BWCA without taking the plunge so to speak. Not much of a camper though? This park is in Ely so there are hotel accommodations nearby as well. Park highlights are canoeing, fishing, hiking, swimming and wildlife. Close to the park are the Ely International Wolf Center, Echo Trail Scenic Drive, Kawishiwi Falls, North American Bear Center and the Vince Shute Wildlife Sanctuary. Some of the wildlife we experienced withun the park were a black bear and her cubs, snapping turtles, a pair of loons with their chick, deer and a moose with her calves. There is so much to see and do you will never get bored. We will definitely be visiting again in the near future! 


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Don't fall into this trap! (post #3) Now I am going to outline a few reasons why you should seriously consider getting those digital images printed in some form:

Digital eventually fails, digital never means safe.

There is no such thing as a digital heirloom.

A fine-art print, mounted, framed and hanging on the wall has a much higher value than a digital file.

The mediums that you store your digital images on will not exist in the future.

Closer to the heart…..

Tragedy strikes, such as a fire or sick family member (I pray this is never the case for you!)

Prints are important because it increases self-esteem for children to see their portrait hanging on the wall. It has been proven in psychological studies that they feel more connected and important in that family.

Printing and displaying your photos tells the story of your life and leaves a lasting reminder for your family to treasure forever.

There really is no valid excuse not to do this! You can even print those snapshots from your phone easily with a mobile printing app such as mpix. Throw them in a box if you have no time to scrapbook or put them in an album. At least you have something for the kids to look through and to hand down to them in the future. Also keep this in mind when having professional portraits done. Why spend all that money just to have your images stored on a disk!

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Give and Receive Session Event 16524_AGM-11816524_AGM-118

Please contact me for more information or click on the following link:


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Don't fall into this trap! (post #2) Let’s talk statistics. Now don’t shut this down just because I said “statistics”, I promise to keep it short and sweet. Information provided by Professional Photographers of America.

42% of people between ages of 30-44 will likely look back and wonder where photos of their childhood, get-togethers, relatives and friends have gone decades from now, and, reportedly 67% store their photos solely on a computer alone. A whopping 70% don’t have photo albums and 42% no longer print photos at all. That is terrifying!!

We are being dubbed as the “lost generation” because as a whole we are printing and preserving our histories less and less. In my opinion this is not good!

An entire generation, the millennials, could grow up without printed photographic records of their lives. How scary is that!

​If you feel strongly about this post please pass along! Stay tuned for post 3.


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Park of the month Since I am a month behind on my park of the month posts I will be featuring 2 this month. The first is Elm Creek Park Reserve. While many of you have possibly visited the massive playground or swimming pond, you may not have explored the rest of this beautiful gem located in Maple Grove. Some additional park highlights are a large nature center, hiking, biking, mountain biking, disk golf, and an off-leash dog park. Some wildlife the park is known to have are eagles, sandhill cranes, deer, beavers, loons, hawks and trumpeter swans. Some areas we have explored which are already favorites are the pond near the nature center where I have spotted a barred owl, nesting trumpeter swans, a snapping turtle, painted turtles and an otter.  There's also a trail that follows along Elm and Rush Creek, which offers wildlife watching opportunities. Please remember to respect any wild animals space and keep a safe distance especially when offspring is nearby. 


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Don't fall into this trap! With so many people wanting to post photos on social media the idea of a finished printed portrait has become less and less common. In the past I definitely fell into this category, especially with our personal family snapshots. Since becoming a professional photographer, and due to some personal life experiences, I have learned just how important it is to have tangible prints whether it be albums, boxes of photos, desk portraits or portraits hanging on the wall. I may sound like a broken record here, but I feel it so important to get this point across!

Now I know you are crunched for time so I will break this down into several smaller posts so that you are more likely to read this information and absorb it completely. I feel so strongly about this! So stay tuned for my next post which will include some very important reasons to get those files off your digital media and into your hands (both professional portraits and family snapshots)! Keep an eye out for the next post in this 4 post series.

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Park of the Month My family and I love to explore the great outdoors. My children and husband seem to be catching the photography "bug", so we usually all have our cameras with us (yes both my kids have their own cameras, my hand me downs). I like to go on what I call photo walks where we find a good park to hike and explore while looking for fun creative subjects to take pictures of. We are finding some true gems, most of which are near the metro area or within an hour. So I thought I would start sharing these wonderful places with you. The first park I am going to highlight is actually a state park and is a little further drive, 2 hours from the cities, which is still doable as a day trip. We had a blast camping at Minneopa State Park with some friends. Some of the parks highlights that we truly enjoyed are:  

Buffalo heard, yes you heard me correctly, they have a buffalo heard! You can take a nice drive through the buffalo prairie, which we did several times. The kids loved this! I think only once it was hard to spot the buffalo, otherwise we saw them every time, including close up a few times!

Several short hikes, one of which leads to an old picturesque mill. These shorter hikes were nice for the kiddos who don't make it so far.

Waterfalls. There are two waterfalls. The first set is just a short walk from the parking lot. The second is a short but more adventurous hike that we all really enjoyed.  

I hope this encourages you and your family to get out and explore. Stay tuned for the next park we decide is also a favorite of ours.

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Benefits of Consultations With most of my sessions I offer an in-person pre-consultation and in-person order consultation. There are many benefits to doing both of these in-person, especially if it is the first time we are meeting each other. Not only am I there to guide you through every part of the process, it helps set expectations so that you know what it is like working with me. Also, I feel in order to get those images with genuine emotion and connection, I first need to meet and get to know you and your family. I encourage parents to have their children present for the pre-consultation so that we can get to know each other, and it eliminates the idea of a total stranger with a camera. Children are also welcome for the order consultation, but I like to remind parents that you need to be able to focus and make decisions. I like doing the ordering in-person as well because I like to help guide you with choosing your art work. Also I find that it is just easier and more efficient to do it in-person. To wrap things up I am here to put you at ease and guide you every step of the way.

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Custom photo jewelry About a year ago I started offering custom photo jewelry and I have to say I love the products! I thought I would share this company with you because while you can order something through me with your session images you can also go to the website yourself if you want to order extra charms or create something on your own. One of my many favorites is the design your own collection because you can add charms as you go.

The company is called Planet Jill, here is the website.

Any questions about creating custom jewelry from your next portrait session contact me through my website.

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What to wear guide Wondering what to wear for your next portrait session? Click on the link below to read some great tips.

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Makeup tips Here are some great makeup tips for your next portrait session.

[email protected] (Melinda Worm Photography) Mon, 13 Jun 2016 15:00:00 GMT
Phone photography tips Hey everyone. I have definitely had fun playing more with phone photography over the past couple months. Here are some great apps to help you with your phone photography. 


Camera+ : I prefer this camera app to the default one on the phone. You have a little more control with the additional settings such as; focus and exposure seperate, ability to change shutter and iso settings, macro option, and stabilizer button.

VSCO: in addition to above stated, presets and filters for editing.

photoshop express: presets and editing

pic tap go: filters

mextures: textures and overlays

tadaa: blur and layer mask

square ready: allows you to use landscape or portrait orientation for instagram

pic jointer: collage your photos


All of these are great to use in their own way! Have fun playing!!

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Importance of backing up! They say the first thing people grab from a burning house is their family photos, but what if all your photos are on your computer! For this and many other reasons it is so important to backup your photos. I highly suggest that you backup to several different sources such as; dvd, usb, portable hard drive or the cloud. I also suggest that you keep one backup source offsite (like at work) and keep one at home in a fireproof box. More reasons to backup to multiple  sources is because computers crash, technology changes, and files become corrupt. One thing I do is set a reminder on my phone monthly to download and backup my digital files (including those images taken with my phone). It is better to be safe than sorry with our precious family memories!

This includes those digital files you purchased from a professional photographer!!

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Great blog for makeup tips I came across this website/blog when reading about makeup tips to forward to my clients when they are having portriats done. It seems to have a lot of great information so I thought I would share with you. Here is a post from the blog for spring makeup trends.

In a later post I will be talking about some great makeup tips to help you look your best on camera, so keep an eye out.

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Multnomah falls

had a great time on our girls trip to Oregon! taken with iPhone and processed with vsco

[email protected] (Melinda Worm Photography) waterfalls Oregon Columbia river gorge Fri, 06 May 2016 06:06:01 GMT
Inspiration is everywhere. I admit there are some days that I have a harder time being inspired. Most of the time though all I have to do is stop and take the time to look around. So many things inspire me. Children, nature, books, movies and art are just a few. Sometimes it can be something as simple as clothing, a toy, an antique item. Seeing something through your childs eyes can really inspire. Stopping to enjoy the beautiful nature that is around us, even if it is in your own backyard. The trick to me seems to be just allowing ourselves to slow down once and a while and just take things in. Our lives can be so busy that we sometimes forget to just breathe. What inspires you?

[email protected] (Melinda Worm Photography) Mon, 02 May 2016 23:00:00 GMT
What do you prefer? I am finding myself drawn more and more to black and white images. Don't get me wrong, I also love color. Sometimes though depending on my subject or the mood I am going for, black and white is just more appealing to me. I like the classic look along with taking away the distraction that color can sometimes bring. The focus is entirely on the subject! Also more dramatic lighting can look so much better in black and white. What are your thoughts? Do you have a preference on one or the other, or do you like both? 

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Family studio sessions I am pleased to announce that family sessions are now available in the studio. In the past my studio sessions typically revolved around babies and children due to the fact that my studio space is smaller. When I did add mom and dad into the portrait I was limited on what poses I could use and they were very tightly cropped. Lately though I have had more clients asking about doing family portraits in the studio. Therefore I have now invested in some equipment that I can setup in a second shooting area of my in home studio. While outdoor family portraits are still a favorite, it is nice to have the second option of studio family portraits, especially in the cold dreary winter months we have here in MN.

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Celebration of Smiles Event!

Contact for more information


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Phone Photography Ok I will be honest, I have not been turned on to phone photography until recently. I was always frustrated with the quality of photos I was getting from something as limiting as a phone (especially since I am spoiled with my DSLR and now my mirrorless system). But I have recently been learning more about how to take great photos with a phone and I believe I could possibly become addicted. After all, your phone is the one camera that you always have with you! I plan on practicing over the next few months, at the end of which I will share my tips and tricks I have learned along the way. So keep an eye on my Facebook and Instagram feed and stay tuned for more info! Feel free to leave a comment below sharing your feelings about phone photography. Do you love it, hate it, do you have any tips you have learned or would you like to learn more.

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5 years old - Lino Lakes studio session When Natalie came in for her 5 year portraits I had a feeling that she was ready to model it up for me. So I went with it and boy did we have a blast! I had so much fun with this session, and Natalie was so enthusiastic it made me want to run out to the streets and grab 10 more kids and do this over again and again. Children are such an inspiration to me and I love, love, love my job! How many people can truly say that about their career. I feel very blessed.

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Am I the right choice for you? Choosing the right photographer for your family can be difficult. Let me see if I can help you decide if I am the right fit for you.

I am the kind of person who loves to laugh. I tend to gravitate to people or situations that I know will give me a good chuckle, which is probably why I love photographing children. I am also more of a listener then a talker. I enjoy camping, hiking, art, landscape photography, books and movies. I love spending time with my family and friends.

My love for nature definitely shows in much of my photography. I love doing sessions with children outdoors surrounded by nature. I feel that most children are really in their element when exploring outside. Children have such incredible imaginations; they can turn anything in their surroundings into something creative. The possibilities with little ones are endless. Much of my photography is simple, timeless and organic.

I prefer to be a low volume, high quality business that is built on relationships. I strive to provide a personal and specialized experience. Most of my sessions include a pre-consultation and an order consultation so that we can get to know each other and work together to plan everything from the details of the session itself to picking out the artwork for your home. Because I place such a high value on a printed portrait, most of my products and packages revolve around wall art and albums.

I hope this helps you decide if I am the right fit for you and your family!

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Storybook Sessions. Your opinion? The artistic/creative side of me is looking for a way to take my photography to a new level. I am thinking of offering storybook sessions. How are these sessions different you ask? These sessions would be more stylized or themed sessions with a fine art look. For instance if your child really likes fairies we would spin off that during the session. I would include a fairy like atmosphere, something woodsy or near a creek. I would also work to create a costume/outfit to go along with the theme. There would be more artistic editing in post-production, possibly other elements added in. On-location for these types of sessions would be my first choice, but some may take place in the studio as well. I have not worked out all details yet, but I was curious if this is something people would have an interest in. I love the creative imaginations of children and thought it would be just as much fun for them (or the young at heart)! Let me know your take on the idea by leaving a comment below.

Thank you!

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Are you thinking of going mirrorless? After the holidays we used some of our gift money to buy a mirrorless camera body for family use and I have to say so far I love it! If you like the quality and manual control of a DSLR, but not the bulk, then a mirrorless may be the way to go. These cameras have many of the same features as a DSLR (including inter-changeable lenses) but are more compact due to the lack of a mirror inside for optical viewing. You would have to do your research before deciding because just like the DSLR these cameras come in many different types ranging from entry level to pro level. Since many companies have already upgraded their models several times you can even look for used and save yourself a few bucks! One thing to pay attention to is the line of lenses that each company has available for the mirrorless system. Some of them you can even use your current SLR lenses with an adapter.  Keep in mind though the bigger your lens is your system is not so compact anymore. I purchased a Canon EOS M (I am a Canon girl) with the adapter, and I can use my 24mm (38mm equivalent).  I plan on getting the 40mm (64mm equivalent) pancake lens in the future.  Both of these are relatively small prime lenses which keeps the camera system small. These are great for everyday/travel kind of use. I love the high quality images, manual control and prime lens interchangeable ability in a small package!

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Holiday photo tips. Just a few tips to help you capture your holiday traditions:

Get down to eye level with the kids.

Move in close.

Don't always put your subject in the center of the frame - get creative and compose your subject off center. Just make sure the subject is facing towards the negative space so that it feels more balanced.

Turn off your flash indoors and instead increase your ISO to avoid blurry pictures.

Be candid instead of shooting posed pictures. Avoid saying "smile" or "cheese" and instead get those genuine moments that come with the holiday season.

Don't forget to put the camera down and just enjoy the moment as well!

Hope your family has a safe and happy holiday season!🎄


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Cold weather photography tips As a follow up to my "Winter is Magical" post I am hoping you were encouraged to get out to enjoy winter. Perhaps you will have your camera with to document your family winter fun, or maybe you just want to capture the gorgeous scenery. Either way, here are some tips to keep you and your gear happily functioning.

You: Dress in layers. This may seem like a no brainer, but the warmer you are the more you will enjoy your outing. I like to wear small thin gloves under my mittens so when I do start taking pictures I can easily use the buttons on my camera without my fingers freezing. Mittens with the removable fingertips would work well too.

Your gear: batteries drain quickly in cold temps so keep a spare or two in an inside pocket close to your body. Also keep your camera in a pocket or camera bag between shots to keep it from getting too cold (do not put it inside your coat close to your body as this can create condensation on your camera and fog up the lens). Transfer your camera and lenses to a sealable plastic bag BEFORE going indoors and leave it like that for several hours until it has reached room temperature. This will keep any condensation from occurring inside your camera which could cause mechanical failures.

Your camera settings: your camera will want to underexpose the bright white scene and make the snow look blue instead. Try shooting in a setting other than manual and use exposure compensation (+/- symbol) to overexpose up to 2 stops. Your owners manual can help you with how to do this with your camera model. 

Hope this helps! Feel free to comment below. 


[email protected] (Melinda Worm Photography) Wed, 16 Dec 2015 15:00:00 GMT
Winter CAN be magical! Who knew? I am generally not a cold weather person. Honestly, I am a total freeze baby. So in the past when old man winter made his way into town I would hunker down and try to hibernate for those long cold months. However two things changed my outlook on winter; having kids and developing a strong passion for landscape and wildlife photography. Both have forced me to put on multiple, multiple layers and get out and enjoy winter. I have now discovered how magical winter can be for children AND adults. Here is a list to help inspire you during these cold winter months. 

Chilly crisp air

Beautiful blanket of fresh fallen snow

Frost covered trees

Monochromatic scenery

Quiet stillness of winter

Low sun which creates better light and long shadows

Catching snow on your tongue

Snow angels and snowmen


PJ day

Curling up with a blanket and book

Hot chocolate with marshmallows (and Baileys for adults)

Movie/popcorn night in front of the fire

All of this has inspired me to offer outdoor winter sessions for kids (and adults if you like). More about that to come in a later post so check back.


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Coming 2016 - Collections Ever found yourself thinking "how can I fill that wall space" or "how can I make that look better"? Starting January of 2016 I will be adding collections to my product line. These collections or groupings of wall portraits will help you easily choose wall art for your home. There will be a large price range to help you find something that fits your budget. Contact me to find out more.

[email protected] (Melinda Worm Photography) Tue, 24 Nov 2015 01:30:00 GMT
Client Showcase

I absolutely love this portrait. Let me tell you why. The gorgeous lighting on her face surrounded by darkness brings your eyes directly to her. It also shows those lovely long curly locks she has. Lastly it leaves you wondering, "what is she thinking" or "what is she looking at". That sense of wonder can be something that leaves you wanting more. One last thing about this portrait, it goes to show that not just smiling and looking at the camera makes a great portrait. In fact sometimes the opposite can make an even more stunning image!

[email protected] (Melinda Worm Photography) Tue, 17 Nov 2015 01:30:00 GMT
Fall trip This fall over MEA weekend we took a camping trip down to Nerstrand Big Woods State Park. Although we were about a week late to see the fall colors at there best, it was still beautiful. The windy couple days before we showed up had blown a lot of them to the ground. I would love to go back and see it again at prime color. Here is an image of the waterfall that is a short hike from the campground. I hiked to the waterfall at sunrise hoping to get a golden glow, however it was cloudy when I first arrived. So I waited patiently for about an hour and when the clouds started to thin out the sun shone directly on the waterfall. I decided since the sun was too high to result in the golden glow I was looking for I would shoot for a black and white image showing the waterfalls lit up. I am quite pleased with how it turned out!


[email protected] (Melinda Worm Photography) Tue, 10 Nov 2015 01:30:00 GMT
The Studio

While most of my sessions in the warmer months are done outdoors, on-location, I have an in-home studio for the long cold winter we have here in Minnesota. For the past few years it has been a work in progress, and with my hubby's help it is now exactly what I envisioned! The top left image shows the fold down desk where I now do all of my order consultations and work. The bottom left image shows the desk folded away to create a sitting area for when I am doing sessions in the studio. The bottom right image shows the space where I am setup for creating images. The two windows have sheer curtains, along with room darkening shades, so that I can easily switch from natural light to darkness for studio lighting. I mostly use this space for photographing children and babies, however I also do family portraits in the studio now as well. I do what I can to create a relaxed atmosphere for the little ones by having themes or activities based on their hobbies and personalities. Some examples would be painting, chalking, puzzles, blocks, tea party, cars, camping, storybook themes, etc. While I have pondered the idea of having a storefront studio, I decided that an in-home studio really works best for me and my family. My space is small and modest but I absolutely love it!

Thanks for taking a look into my humble little space. Feel free to leave any comments or questions.

[email protected] (Melinda Worm Photography) Tue, 03 Nov 2015 16:00:00 GMT
Photographers Choice A new kind of session.

In addition to my regular outdoor children and family sessions, I will now be offering what I call photographers choice session events. Basically, it is a family session for 45 minutes at an outdoor location of my choosing on a given date. With this new type of “batch” scheduling I will be charging the studio fee instead of the full on-location fee for these sessions. They still include the pre-consultation and order consultation. You get a great on-location session for your children but at a lower investment. These special session events will be held during the outdoor season from May – October. I will announce the dates and place in the previous months newsletter, my blog and on Facebook. The first date and place for this year is October 10th at Lochness Park in Blaine. Just a reminder that I will donate $25 of your session fee to PPA Charities for Family Portrait Month. Contact me with any questions by clicking on the contact page above.

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Family Portrait Month

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Printed Portraits vs. Digitals As a photographer I place a high value on wall art and other printed portraits. Besides the fact that it is so much fun decorating your house with the ones you love, here are a few reasons why you should invest in more than digital copies of your portraits.

Digitals are corruptible, prints are archival.
Digitals may never get printed.
Digitals printed elsewhere may have poor quality.
The value of a print increases while a digital file loses value.
High quality portraits can be passed down and treasured for years to come!

While digital copies are fun to have for sharing and reprinting, I feel it is very important to walk away from a session with printed versions of your favorite portraits. It can be wall art, gift prints, albums and other kinds of tabletop items such as a custom wood photo box.

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Storing Your Wall Art Here are some helpful tips on storing your wall portraits to preserve them for future generations.


  1. Put on a pair of lint-free cotton gloves. Touching the photographs with your bare hands will leave behind oil prints that will stain the picture over time.
  2. Place the picture in an aluminum or other metal frame. Unlike wooden frames, metal frames do not produce the acids that yellow pictures over time. When choosing a metal frame, the United States National Archives recommends one that has archive-quality, low-acid, lignen-free ragboard or matboard backing. This backing will not yellow the pictures over time or cause them to stick to the glass frame.
  3. Drape a clean sheet, canvas cover, cardboard frame box or fireproof box (for valuable photos) over the frame.
  4. Place or stack the framed pictures vertically in a dark room. For the most ideal storage conditions, the National Archives recommends an above-ground closet. Closets have the consistent temperatures (between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit), and low humidity (between 35 and 50 percent) that framed pictures need for long-term storage.
  5. Check the frames once or twice a year. Moisture leakage, insect infestation or other problems may destroy even expertly stored pictures. Minimize any damage by catching the problem early. While examining your pictures, put on your white gloves and leave the frames open for a few minutes. This helps to dissipate any gas that has built up.

Tips & Warnings

  • Do not use plastic to cover stored frames. Plastic traps moisture and leads to mold growth.
  • If you plan to display your pictures during storage, choose a frame with UV-filtered glass and hang the photo out of direct sunlight.
  • Your picture must be clean and in optimal condition before storage. Small problems only get worse over time. Have a professional remove fingerprints, scratches or any other flaws (if possible) before the picture is stored.
  • The National Archives recommends storing framed pictures in areas with humidity between 35 and 50 percent. If you are unsure of the humidity levels in the room, install a hygrometer. Place a dehumidifier in the room if the humidity levels are higher than ideal.
  • If you have multiple large framed pictures to store, consider investing in a canvas rack.
  • Basements are often the right temperature to store pictures, but can be too damp. If you must store your picture in the basement, lift the paintings off the floor and above any flood lines.
  • For heirloom pictures, consider extra protection, such as a fireproof box or safe.

I found this article on ehow. Click on the link below to see more.

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Forget about auto Have you gotten your hands on a nice, DSLR camera but you have no clue how to shoot on anything other than auto mode. Once you learn there is no turning back!  Getting the correct exposure is key. There are three main elements to this called the exposure triangle. They are shutter speed, aperture and ISO. On your camera there is Shutter Priority mode, Aperture Priority mode, and Manual mode.

Shutter priority mode: (Tv on Canon, S on Nikon) This mode lets you have control over setting the shutter speed and ISO. Once you have picked which shutter speed you want, the camera will automatically set the aperture to correctly expose the scene (to a point). Shutter speed controls motion. A slower shutter speed (i.e. 2 seconds) will blur movement and a faster shutter speed (i.e. 1/500) will freeze movement. If you want to avoid blurry photos when handholding the camera a good rule of thumb is to use a shutter speed that is at least the same or higher than the focal length you are using (for example, if you are using a 50 mm lens use a shutter speed of at least 1/50th).

Aperture priority mode: (Av on Canon, A on Nikon) This mode lets you have control over setting the aperture and ISO. Once you have picked which aperture you want, the camera will automatically set the shutter speed to correctly expose the scene. Aperture controls depth of field. A large aperture (i.e. f2.8) will have a shallow depth of field, or blurred background. A small aperture (i.e. f11) will have a larger depth of field with more detail and sharpness throughout. Remember to keep an eye on the shutter speed the camera is choosing, if it is to low you will end up with blurry photos.

Manual priority mode: This mode allows you to have full control over all three settings: aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.

Remember in all three of these modes you are setting the ISO. Keeping the ISO at a lower setting will keep the image from having digital noise (or grain). However in low light conditions you may need to increase the ISO the get a correct exposure and keep your shutter speed or aperture set where you want it.

Hope this helps and have fun getting creative with your photos!!

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Cleaning tips for busy moms. A while ago I posted about, a website dedicated to getting your house cleaning under control without it taking up all your time. After about a year of trying it out I am very happy with the results! So for those of you who are curious but don’t have the time to go to the website and read through everything here is a shorter breakdown of it.

Zone cleaning: Break your house down into zones.


  • Zone 1: bedrooms/office
  • Zone 2: bathrooms
  • Zone 3: kitchen/entryway
  • Zone 4: living/family room

Focus on one zone weekly, taking care to do a more detailed cleaning. Work in 15 minute chunks and set a timer if need be. This will help you move faster and get more done in that 15 minutes!

Weekly tasks: also done in 15 minute chunks.

  • dust
  • vacuum
  • paperwork
  • polish mirrors and sweep

Daily tasks:

  • wipe down kitchen sink at the end of the day
  • wipe down kitchen counter and stove at the end of the day
  • swish and swipe bathrooms (swish the toilet bowl with the brush and wipe down the counter)
  • de-clutter (for any spots in your house that tend to be hot spots for clutter, paperwork, etc)


  • schedule 15 minute blocks of time for certain cleaning tasks to keep you on track
  • use a “home routine” app (iPhone) or something similar to keep track of your schedule/to do list
  • set timer
  • be flexible when need be

This is just an example of what I do, but you can tailor it to your needs. Hope this helps you busy moms keep up with your house cleaning without feeling like you are spending too much time on it. If you decide to try it out let me know your progress. Or if you have any tips yourself feel free to comment.

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Popular MN State Parks If your family is anything like ours, getting out for camping, hiking and exploring is at the top of your recreation list. Here is a link to an article about Minnesota’s 10 most popular state parks (just in time for summer). We have been to most of these and they are definitely favorites of ours.

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No mosquitoes! Last weekend we camped at Whitewater State Park. This park is definitely at the top of our list. Fun hikes with gorgeous panoramic views. There is also a beach and trails along the river. But what Whitewater is most known for is its noticeable lack of mosquitoes! Even at dusk around the bonfire we did not get any bites (and that was without bug spray)! I highly recommended this park.

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Why I do this… When I was a child my mom had shoeboxes full of family photos. I would frequently pull them out and look through them. Some were from before I was born and I would ask her to tell me about them. I was so curious about the stories behind them. I still pull out old photos and look through them, they are a link to the past and help bring back certain memories. Because of that and also having a family of my own to create memories is why I am so passionate about portrait photography. I love that I get to capture a moment in time, a part of your story for you and your family to cherish for years to come.

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