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Cold Weather Camera Tips

November 19, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

With winter knocking on our doorstep I thought I would re-post this article from a few years back. Perhaps you will have your camera with to document your family winter fun, or maybe you just want to capture the gorgeous scenery. Either way, here are some tips to keep you and your gear functioning.

Dress in layers. The warmer you are the more you will enjoy your outing. I like to wear small thin gloves under my mittens so when I do start taking pictures I can easily use the buttons on my camera without my fingers freezing. Mittens with the removable fingertips would work well too. This is also beneficial when you are out with your family enjoying the winter weather.

Batteries drain quickly in cold temps so keep a spare or two in an inside pocket close to your body. Also keep your camera in a pocket or camera bag between shots to keep it from getting too cold (do not put it inside your coat close to your body as this can create condensation on your camera and fog up the lens). Transfer your camera and lenses to a sealable plastic bag BEFORE going indoors and leave it like that for several hours until it has reached room temperature. This will keep any condensation from occurring inside your camera, which could cause mechanical failures.

Your camera will want to underexpose the bright white scene and make the snow look blue instead. Try shooting in a setting other than manual (ie. shutter priority) and use exposure compensation (+/- symbol) to overexpose up to 2 stops. If you are shooting in manual just increase your exposure by changing the shutter speed or ISO. Your owners manual can help you with how to do this with your camera model. 

Hope this helps!  

What is your preference?

October 22, 2018  •  1 Comment

I am wondering what people use most for taking pictures. Do you use your smartphone or camera for a majority of your photography? Please comment below. If you use a camera you can also tell me what kind (point and shoot or dslr). Thank you so much!

Benefits to each type of session

August 20, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I have now started offering two types of sessions for Families and Children. I have my Fine Art Sessions and Mini Sessions. Not sure which to choose? Here is a breakdown of the benefits to each.

Fine Art: 

More custom and personalized to give you a unique experience

Fine art products to decorate your home

Entire product line available

Involves more time and planning (I help with the entire process to make it as easy as possible with both in person pre-consult and order consult)



Mini Session:

Great for updating family photos or holiday cards, etc.

Smaller packages and limited products available for easy ordering

Involves less time and planning (pre-consult done via phone/email and ordering products via online image gallery)

I hope this helps!


Hipstamatic App

August 13, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Hipstamatic is a fun camera app to experiment with! You can use the lens and film selection that comes with the app or purchase new ones. The camera can be used in classic mode or pro camera mode. In classic mode you can change your shutter speed manually or create multiple exposure images. Pro mode has shutter speed, ISO, exposure compensation, zoom, focus and white balance. You can also edit your images within the app. The most fun is trying the different lens and film options. This image of a Hibiscus was done with the pinhole lens option.

Keeping Kids Busy - August

August 06, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Already we are closing in on the end of summer! While I am sad that all the summer activities will be ending soon, I am looking forward to getting back into a regular routine. Here are a few more ideas to keep the kiddos busy through this last stretch.

Wargo Nature Center - Introduction to Dragonflies Aug 11 2-3pm, learn dragonfly identification and search the peninsula's wetlands, prairies and flower gardens for these creatures. Binoculars and nets are provided. Pre-registration required $5 per person.

Aquatore Park in Blaine

  • Aug 3 - Tricia and the Toonies (musical puppets) 10:30am
  • Aug 9 - The Backyard Band 6pm
  • Aug 10 - Bob the Beachcomber (children's concert) 10:30am
  • Aug 17 - Kids Dance Party 10:30am

Aug 1 - Jam Hops Dance Show at Blaine Town Square 6:30pm

Aug 17 - Movie in the Park "Wonder" at Lino Park starts at dusk

Aug 22 - Minnesota Blue (bluegrass concert) Blaine Town Square 6:30pm

Every Thursday through mid-August - Bald Eagle Waterski Show on Centerville Lake 7pm. Bring lawn chair or blanket

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