Fine Art Nature:

At a young age my Mom’s love of nature had a big influence on me and we often went out exploring whenever we had the chance. As I got older I started to develop an interest in photography. I was captivated by the beautiful images in magazines and books. Being outside with a camera brings me such joy. Creating is very therapeutic, and with the benefits of being in nature my busy mind calms and my senses awaken.

I never learned to paint even though I admire some of the famous painters of the past. I have learned that by using certain techniques I can create painterly images of nature with my camera. Essentially my camera has become my paintbrush!

I often use textures, tones, color and movement in my artwork to express the emotions felt when immersed within nature.

Besides photography I love camping, hiking, reading, watching movies, art and most of all just spending time with my family and friends.

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"Once destroyed, nature's beauty cannot be repurchased at any price" 
Ansel Adams



My passion for portrait photography developed from my experiences with my own children. From that first moment that you hold them in your arms to all the milestones and memories of them growing up. The love you have for that child is like no other!

My favorite location for children or family portraits is the outdoors. A session at a beautiful park is a great setting to let personalities shine through, especially for the little ones! I offer 2 types of sessions. For more information please visit the "Portraits" page in the above menu, or contact me for more information.